Bernau Trophy

24 Hour Run Bernau

3.-4.10.2020 DUV Challenge Bernau bei Berlin No. Spartathlon is cancelled. 3 weeks before the race. REALLY? Speechless. The race I have been preparing for (yes,

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Riga Valmiera 107 km

Riga-Valmiera 107 km

11.07.2020 – Riga-Valmiera 107 km, Latvia Reaching finish line after unforgettable 107km in 9:21:49 I run this race for the 2nd time. And it was

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100 km Langenzersdorf

23.04.2021 100 km Langenzerdorf / Austrian Championships (round course 930 m) DAYS BEFORE THE RACE. It is the day before the race when it finally

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Schwarzacher Trail

29.05.2021 Schwarzacher Trail 47 km 2600+ BEFORE THE RACE The feeling that a race is coming up was just not there. It is probably because

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24.-25.09.2021 Spartathlon A very big thanks to my very great trainer Gerhard Schiemer, my support at Spartathlon Egon Theiner, my supporters on the way to

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proud ULT Heustadlwasser runner

Spartathlon 2022

30.09.2022 – 01.10.2022 Spartathlon 2022   This story would be never written if not for  my trainer Gerhard Schiemer, support team – Egon&Thanasis, as well as

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