Get into a position that is really comfortable for you. You can stay upright, lie on your back, or find another comfortable position that doesn't constrict your chest. You can also stand and ground yourself well with your feet.

Just let your breath flow...

Breathe in and out noisily…noisily is also fine.

The noisy inhalation and exhalation belongs entirely to you... Connect with yourself... Notice how the breath flows in and out again. Bring your attention to the tip of your nose. Feel a little colder air coming in and then the air coming out a little warmer and filtered.

Hopefully it feels trusting...your breathing...put yourself in a good vibration - everything in us is vibration...and feel where your breathing is going all over your body. With each breath you calm down more. With every breath you come closer to yourself. In here and now, in this moment. Feel your chest expand as you inhale and contract as you exhale.

How wide or how narrow does your heart space feel?

Breathe in and out deeply, breathe in your life energy. The life energy that you inhale is distributed in all cells of your body...mmm...this life energy gives you energy, it gives you life, serenity, joy and strength. What color is your life energy? Let it flow into your whole body, from the tips of your hair to your toes, through your whole body, through all your cells. Let it expand more and more until your whole inner space is filled with this color. Now let this color shine on the outside. Allow your life energy to expand, flow outward, give itself away.

You are breathing energy of life. Feel it, how do you feel this life energy, what is it doing to you... and your body... your body is letting go completely.And you consciously let the life energy that you breathe to flow into your heart.

... Feel into your heart space. You focus on your heart...beautiful, radiant, warm, luminous, or whatever heart you feel...your heart and are your heart...your heart is love. Right now.

 And imagine you are not breathing in life energy now, but you are breathing in love.

You are Love. Your heart is love. Be aware that you are love - have no expectations, just be in this moment, in this awareness.

Now let the love in your heart consciously radiate upwards. Unlimited love flowing from your heart.

Ths love is filling your neck and your throat.

This love keeps shining in your head. The back of your head is filled with love, your whole face and the top of your head. Your brain will also be completely filled with love.

Feel your entire body, every cell and every organ, filled with love.

You are Love. your heart is love you are your heart And if you want that, you decide now and here from today to live out of your heart, to feel, to think, to create. You decide - from today, from now on, to live, to think, to feel with love from your heart. It's up to you...and just give it a try. You choose to live now. You breathe in and out. You breathe in love pouring into your heart.

Notice how you breathe in and out. You breathe deeply and calmly. The breath flows in and out slowly. Give your heart a loving touch, give your heart a warm, kind smile that's just for you...a smile inside your soul…feel the pulse of your heart, take a deep breath and bring your attention back to the here and now. Feel your body more present again. Slowly move your hands and toes...move your feet.

And when you feel ready, open your eyes but still stay whole in your heart. Feel the radiance and life energy that is in the whole room. Feel into yourself. You perceive with your heart, you act from your heart, you ARE in your heart.