What I can do for you- my offer for you!

Training Plan

For you and your wishes suitable training plan- for fitness studio, for running and / or race preparation

Weight loss

With bringing more movement in your life,I can help you to loose your weight without any yo-yo effect.

Personal Training

Ich begleite dich zu deiner Körpertransformation im Fitness Studio oder zu Hause, analysiere deinen Laufstil & bin bei dir während deiner Lauftrainings.

Mental Coaching

In sport or life, we are successful when our Mindset ist strong. Let's find YOUR strengths and make them stronger!

Group training

Running and Running ABC, Nordic Walking or HIIT Training outdoors! Private and Firm Trainings! More fun together!

Lectures for Firms

Motivation, Goals, mental strength- are the base tools for your Employees & your Firm to success. Let's speak about it!

Make your first step now!

If you want to change your life - whether it is to loose weight, move more, increase your fitness level, train after targeted training plan, strengthen yourself mentally or build up strength, then why not to make this day your second birthday! Give yourself the chance to find your better self - because you know you deserve it! And don't say: I can't. I have no time. I have no motivation. Because you know: these are nothing more than excuses. Excuses that you don't deserve.

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