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Your way to a free consultation:

* Fill out the form or call me and ask for a free consultation.

* I'll get in touch with you, we'll have a short preliminary talk and set an appointment for the free, detailed consultation.

Attention! I am SVS health partner! That means, if you live in Austria, you can submit your bill from me at the SVS and get 100 Euros back! 

Personal training and running sessions:

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Sustainability is the focus of my offer. New behaviors and patterns, completely without constraints and prohibitions, are established with medium and long-term work that includes a lot of freedom of choice. I support you in building routines of sports and integrating nutrition into your everyday life, which is specially tailored to you, your needs and your personal goals. You will learn from me how to manage and maintain your body, your mind and your quality of life independently.

Through active support via WhatsApp, video calls, 1:1 conversations and emails, together we manage to keep your focus!

Prices Running Coaching: 

Running 1:1 90,-

5 Unit Block: 400,- (80,- Training)

10 Unit Block 750,- (75,- Training)

Weekly Training Plans with 1x WhatsApp 30-45 min call 90,- Monthly = Your "Standing Point" and first consultation getting us know is free of charge!

Running analysis incl. consultation 90,-

Group runs 2x per Week from 4 Persons 20,- per Person, 10 Unit Block 150,-

Running Training for 2 Persons 120,-, 10 Unit Block 1000,-

Nordic Walking from 4 Persons 20,- per Person, 10 Unit block 150,-, Kinder Gratis

Company events/trainings 120,-

All my running trainings includes also Running-ABC

Prices personal training:

Training plan 120,-

Personal Training 120,-

5er Block 520,-

10er Block 920,-

A unit lasts 60 minutes

If you cannot find the right offer for you here - get in touch with me and together we will develop an offer specially tailored to you.


Mental Coaching:

Work sustainably on your mental strength!

We focus on your resources and consider your current living environment. We talk about your goals and visions with experience, reason and humor. Training methods that are individually adapted to you will continuously improve your behavior patterns to enable your self-development. We find solutions for your "stuff" Behaviour, thinking and feeling patterns

and work on new ways of thinking or ways of thinking that you have neglected so far.

Through my feedback you can achieve a firm stabilization of your mental powers at your own pace.


Prices mental coaching:

60 min 100,-

90 min 130,-

Sport Mental Coaching

Achieving your goals with a smile isn't all that difficult. Through many mental techniques and exercises I will help you to improve your performance. We work together in the medium to long term, you learn mental techniques that you can then use for yourself in self-coaching. Even if I'm not there as your sports mental coach. You can also use the techniques you have learned in everyday life and at work. I am happy to share with you how I have implemented the mental power of everyday life in sport and vice versa.


Prices Sport Mental Coaching:

90 min 130,-

Competition preparation: on request

Lectures: on request

Appointment/Training cancellations:

If the agreed appointment is not kept or canceled at short notice, the costs for this appointment will be charged at 100%. This payment obligation does not apply if the appointment was canceled by telephone or in writing (e.g. by MSG) by 6 p.m. the previous day at the latest.

Please be at the agreed place at the agreed time. If you are late for training, unfortunately I have to shorten the agreed time accordingly due to follow-up appointments.

All Prices excl. 20% VAT

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