Sport Mental Coaching

It has been scientifically proven that mental training in sport leads to higher performance and that a strong mind is an indispensable partner for a healthy body. Let's be honest: what's the use of running training, no matter how good it is, if you're not mentally convinced that "you can do it"?!

So why sports mental training with me?

  • To build (more) self-confidence
  • Supplement for competition preparation
  • Learn intensive goal setting and programming
  • Visualization of goals
  • Targeted success thinking
  • Immediate usability and implementability in practice

Your life is a product of YOUR thoughts. With your thoughts you create your reality. Having a goal increases motivation

NOW Analysis

First of all, let's determine your location and start your personal navigation system. Let's uncover your current status together, make yourself aware of your resources and analyze what it looks like right now.


The way is the goal, as the saying goes, and believe me: it's true! But the goal is also the goal, and therefore the goal setting is the foundation of success. With me you will ignite your energy for success and steer it in the right direction.


Start with “Why?” Why do we do what we do? What drives us, what guides us? They are norms and values that underlie (almost) everything we do. Together we recognize them, and through them we also diagnose and activate your mental strength!


Let's talk about your self-esteem account! When and how and how much do I pay into my self-esteem account, and when and how do I withdraw it again? Everyone is unique: We will find the right method for you to increase your self-confidence.

Together stronger!

It's not always about making the impossible possible! But IT IS always about making optimal use of your personal energy potential.

I will help you to develop and strengthen characteristics such as attitude, balance, strong nerves, motivation, willpower, inner peace, concentration around goals, creativity, imagination and awareness!

Make your first step now!

If you want to change your life - whether it is to loose weight, move more, increase your fitness level, train after targeted training plan, strengthen yourself mentally or build up strength, then why not to make this day your second birthday! Give yourself the chance to find your better self - because you know you deserve it! And don't say: I can't. I have no time. I have no motivation. Because you know: these are nothing more than excuses. Excuses that you don't deserve.

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