The Lioness and the Kid

Ich bin ein Landmädel. Already as a child I felt a desire for something special. I can remember dreaming a lot and building up endlessly beautiful inner images and ideas. My visualizations had no end. Unfortunately, when you grow up, most people forget it. I, too, in the course of the hectic life, have unlearned and forgotten a lot.

Back when I was a kid, I didn't know that life was the product of your thoughts. I didn't know that either with your thoughts YOU create your reality. What I knew is that my thoughts made me happy. My visualizations & dreams have opened up a wonderful world for me, a world of security and lightness, a world in which everything is possible. If you just believe in it.

Thoughts & Smile

It is in my nature to occupy myself as much as possible with thoughts that make me smile. We are what we think. We feel what we think. Our thoughts of today are our future. I can't say that often enough. I am convinced that we are the creators of our own lives. Was it always like this with me? No, I too had to go through a lot in my life, survive enough crises to understand that only I am responsible for my life and actions, that I am the creator of every minute of my life.


I have always known that I am a strong woman. But just like many others, I have had enough self-doubt and so-called weakness attacks and lack of motivation in my life. Discipline, organization - THAT are the strengths that have often helped me to get out of a difficult situation. And even if I can master these skills well most of the time, strengths also need to be strengthened.

I've heard so many times in my life from others what I can't do. That I'm a nobody, that I'm a fool, etc. Did you know that words have a very great power? Our subconscious absorbs every single word, anchors it and in this way influences our life very strongly. So build on your strengths- never forget who you are and stay away from people who are not good for you.


And as for self-doubt... My world and perspective changed drastically after hearing a motivational speech from Dr. Myles Munroe heard. I couldn't get his words out of my head. He says that the lion is king solely because of one word: attitude. The lion has a different attitude that makes every animal afraid of him. When he uses the word "fear," it's about respect. The elephant respects the lion, the hyena respects the lion, the giraffe respects the lion. What makes these huge animals respect such a small cat? He's not the tallest, not the smartest, not the heaviest, not the smartest, and yet he's in charge. And that's because the lion has something that we need to capture. The attitude makes the difference. For example, the lion sees the elephant and what comes to mind is one word: LUNCH. When the lion sees the elephant, he doesn't look at the elephant's height and weight and strength and power, but at the LUNCH...... It doesn't matter how tall you are, how intelligent you are and how many degrees you have – it is your mind that keeps you small. So says Dr Myles Munroe. Very true words. We humans often forget what we have already accomplished. We tend to hold only the negative experiences in our hearts. These guide our lives. I used to laugh at people who took a lot of photos. Over time I realized that the beautiful moments that you freeze in a picture are forgotten. Thanks to photography, we can very quickly recall the moments of happiness in our lives - precisely when we are not doing so well. That's how I do it.

Your Heart

Thoughts. Attitude.

Opening your heart opens many doors to a successful and happy life. Do you remember what it's like to act from the heart? Cleaning the apartment with love? Going to work with joy? I can no longer imagine living my life on autopilot. With no real feelings.

My ultra run

And the running & smiling in my life. I smile when I run. When I think, I smile. And also on Monday when I wake up... I smile. Laughter affects life more than we think – it opens your heart and brings life into your heart. The power of our inner images and ideas has power over our lives. Just like our words. Therefore, it is important that we live our lives with our hearts. That we change the attitude towards ourselves, that we praise ourselves for everything we have done well so far, that we love ourselves. That gives me the strength to keep going, to be courageous, to stay focused. And never give up. It is in human character to forget one's successes and carry the negative with oneself. And that's so wrong!

Mutig sein

There is a lot of courage in each of us. I am a person who dares to show courage and go into life with the courage. I believe that all people are brave beings. But most have forgotten that. We forgot to believe in ourselves. The courage in me lies in my heart, which then also says YES to life full of trust.  Of course, not everything in life always happens according to our wishes, but even that has a purpose. I've learned to accept that. And to be patient. I know what kind of life I want to live. But life is like a river, a long-distance run - it changes constantly - with its ups and downs. I have decided not to think small, but to go big. Big dreams can only come true if you dream big.


And there is something else that is very important that a Lion should not forget. I am the designer of my own reality and I am happy to have taken on personal responsibility every day. I've had hard times in my life but the past is already set in stone, but my future is not! I have recognized over time that it is very difficult to walk the path alone. One must never forget that one is not alone. Getting help to get out of trouble is a very responsible step. Accepting challenges does not always mean having to fight! Talking out loud helps, and when I don't feel ready to talk to others, I just talk out loud to myself. Whether on a longer run or in the bedroom. I take care of myself and my feelings!

And how about you?