„There is no „I can´t”. It can be only “I don´t want”.. And when it comes to running, there is nothing I don´t want – I love it all with no exceptions.

Born in Latvia, small village called Salacgrīva

Moved from home at age 15

Moved from Latvia at age 18

Running since 2014

I don’t celebrate my birthday but it is on 17.04.1987 (don´t ask my age- I always forget it)

Weight: at good times a bit under 60 kg. Wintertime up to 64 kg 

Height: 178 cm and hopefully it will stay like that

Shoe size: 41,5 plus 1,5 size for running shoes

Single Mom to the best daughter in the World born 2010

Hobbies: Cooking, eating, running, reading, writing. The first 3 I manage to do most of the time

Music: I love old music- Tina Turner, Falco, Roxette, Mozart and many others I always forget to mention

I love laughing. I wish we all did it more!

Running Community: Ultralaufteam Heustadlwasser

Trainer: Gerhard Schiemer 


Some facts about my running success:

  • Wien Rundumadum 130km, Vienna–1st Female (9thOverall) (2017)
  • Ironman Vichy, France-Relay Team (full Distance) Female 1st Place (2017)
  • Mozart100 31k 1200 accent 1st Female (2018)
  • Laugavegur, Island 52km1600 accent 3rd Place Female (2018)
  • Wörthersee Ultratrail 72km 2400 accent 1st Place Female (2018)-Track record
  • Wings for Life 41,78km 5th Place Female in Vienna, 22nd Place Female in World (2019)
  • Riga-Valmiera, Lettland 107km 1st Female (5th Overall), Track Record (2019)
  • 100km Latvian Championships 1st Female (2019)
  • KAT100 Endurance Trail 91,5 km 5100 accent, Austria 1st Place Female (10th overall), (2019)
  • Word Trail Championships Portugal (Latvian National Team 2019)
  • 24-hour Word Championship France, Albi (Latvian National team)-190 km (2019)
  • Riga-Valmiera, Lettland 107km 1st Female (5th Overall), Track Record (2020)
  • 100km Latvian Championships 1st Female (2020)
  • 24-hour Run DUV Challenge, Bernau bei Berlin, Germany- Overall Winner, Latvian National Female Record – 228,96 km (2020)
  • 100 km Langenzersdorf 1st Female , 4th Overall (2021)
  • 100 km Austria Race Across Burgenland 1st Overall, Track record (2021)
  • Spartathlon 246,8 km 1st Female and 7th overall (4th best Female time in race history) (2021)
  • 12-hour Run Bad Blumau, Austria 2nd Overall, 1st Woman, Latvian National Record – 126,4 km (2022)
  • World Championships 100km IAU 20th place (Bernau bei Berlin,Germany 2022)
  • World Championships 100km WMA Master W35 1st Woman (Bernau bei Berlin,Germany 2022)
  • World Championships 100km IAU Latvian National Record 07:53:16 (Bernau bei Berlin,Germany 2022)
  • Spartathlon 246,8 km 1st Female and 6th overall (2nd best Female time in race history) (2022)

Why did I start running? At the time when I moved back to Europe, I started to gain weight, was smoking far too much and needed a bit off time for myself. So, I started to run. I run for long time just having a look at my phone – today 30 min, tomorrow 40, the day after maybe 50 minutes. I didn´t pay attention to kilometers so much. But boy I can still remember that feeling when I run my first 15km and took a decision to try out half marathon.

It was 2015 January when I run my first half marathon – 1:38:35. My new running buddies were saying it´s really fast and I felt amazing completing a race after so many years- the last time I raced was in school and it was not more than 8km. I was inspired to go for a marathon. It was the moment where I understood – smoking won´t fit in here anymore! So about 2-3 months before running my first marathon same year September I managed to stop smoking. I have no idea when I had the last one- it didn´t and still doesn´t matter.

My first marathon I managed to finish in 3:28 hrs. At that time, I didn’t realize what even a pace is. I just thought it would be nice to run under 3:30. And I did. I still remember how I was waiting for the “guy with a hammer” at km 30 or so. Never came. And you know what- he never actually came up to this date. I hope not to meet him any time soon! I did swear to not run any marathons anymore- the time investment for training, saying no to some drinks, waking up even earlier than usual- it felt like just too much “sacrifice” for a long period.

Only after 15 months I run my first ultra- Burgenland extreme 60km. Why did I keep running? Well, my relationship was getting worse and worse and I kind of found my peace in running. I signed up for this ultra after I had a bad fight with my loved one. I would actually admit to say, that this bad relationship is one of the biggest reasons why I dived into running so deep. And no- I DO NOT RUN TO RUN-AWAY. I RUN TO FIND. To find the peace and that special feeling making me happy. I have been thinking a lot about it.

June 2017 I run my 2nd Ultra- Mozart100- I did the 68 km distance. It was a race I started very carefully- I didn’t know yet that I have major issues with my blood- I have too little red Blood, suffer from extreme low iron. I raced with myself this course- enjoying every step with only wish to reach the finish line. After this race, I did some tests and the low values of everything that is related to red blood cells were shocking. I had to start therapy. I also had Helicobacter living in me at this time. I suffered a lot but never stopped training for my next goal, that I didn´t know yet myself will turn my running experience completely upside down..

Same year October I found myself running 130 km around Vienna and making it as the first lady. The race that changed me completely. One of the most emotional experiences during my running time until today. No trainers, no experience, totally crazy me planning with not much understanding. No expectations. A blog article about this race is coming up soon. Years has passed but I still have every moment of it in me.

Even though I started running because of not so great reasons, I was always a happy person and I´m definitely a happy runner. I had many slaps in my face during my short life time, but I never stopped laughing.


You won´t find here my fastest times! I´m ultrarunner. I don’t run for speed. I run far. And I´m loving it.