Dear Fans and Followers of runningdiana


I would like to remind you that your Comments are public. That is why, I kindly ask you to make our communication as nice and easy 

Please read and keep in mind the below Netiquette for my social media channels- Facebook,Instagram and Twitter. This way we can manage to avoid deleting from comments, as well as blocking your access to my profiles.


Comments and Posts that will make me smile:

  • Kind, inviting, responsable
  • Friendly, open and respectful


Comments and Posts that I don’t appreciate:

  • SPAM and Texts that could cause danger to others
  • Rudeness, accusing others/me
  • Fake information
  • Anything that has anything to do with abusing Sexual, Privat or Trust of other persons- abusing the Privacy of others


Be aware to take care of your own online security, don’t forget the copy right rules!

I´m excited to see your valuable engagement, thank you for that!


Stay aware, stay social!


Please do not try to repeat my running actions at home or other places! This takes lot of training and mental strength – I can´t over take any responsibility of what happens when you do so.