24.-25.09.2021 Spartathlon A very big thanks to my very great trainer Gerhard Schiemer, my support at Spartathlon Egon Theiner, my supporters on the way to Spartathlon- my employer Helmut, my friend Siegi, Desi and Medivid Cryo Team, Ed&Elisa from Traildog Running, to whom I have to thank for my Partnerships with Maurten and On Running […]

Bad Blumau 12 Hour Run

03.07.2021 Bad Blumau 12 hour run BEFORE THE RACE Plans had to be changed once again. My goal to give a 2nd chance to run 100km under 8 hours in Latvian Championships needed to be changed as the race organizers decided to move the race for one week later. The insecurity because of traveling (same […]

Schwarzacher Trail

29.05.2021 Schwarzacher Trail 47 km 2600+ BEFORE THE RACE The feeling that a race is coming up was just not there. It is probably because I didn’t see Schwarzacher Trail as a race- from beginning onwards it was for me more of a fun run. So, there was no real preparation. Yes – more of […]

100 km Langenzersdorf

23.04.2021 100 km Langenzerdorf / Austrian Championships (round course 930 m) DAYS BEFORE THE RACE. It is the day before the race when it finally hit me. Tomorrow is the race! Until now for some reason it didn’t feel for real. I’m getting nervous. Am I ready? This question is probably going through many runners’ […]

Riga-Valmiera 107 km

Riga Valmiera 107 km

11.07.2020 – Riga-Valmiera 107 km, Latvia Reaching finish line after unforgettable 107km in 9:21:49 I run this race for the 2nd time. And it was completely different from the first one. Nevertheless, the emotions I experienced were hitting the runners high once again. It was Thursday, I was still in Vienna at home working. Working […]

6 Hours around my apartment

6 hour run around apartment

21.03.2020 – 6 hours around my apartment aka Lasseer Benifiz Lauf Why on earth did I run 6 hours long around my apartment?! The answer is very simple- I love running, it was a charity run and I never expected to actually pull it through! Already the year before I wanted to run Lasseer Benifiz […]

24 Hour Run Bernau

Bernau Trophy

3.-4.10.2020 DUV Challenge Bernau bei Berlin No. Spartathlon is cancelled. 3 weeks before the race. REALLY? Speechless. The race I have been preparing for (yes, also many other Athletes, but as we know- sometimes we are a bit selfish) won’t be taking place. Impossible! No! Why?! Anger. Disappointment. Anger. Anger. It took me more than […]