Mental Health

I will support you in finding your self-love and in developing a (more) positive self-image through sport or in feeling stronger through mental training and getting rid of bad habits and unconscious beliefs.

What will mental training with me bring for you?

  • Support and strengthening of body awareness
  • Health Improvement / Wellbeing
  • Reaching your goals in sport
  • Added value through effective time management & motivation for yourself
  • finding mental strength in yourself

Be free, be willful, be you!


Everything is in motion - but unfortunately not always in the right direction. By changing your movement behavior, you will be able to bring lasting changes for the benefit of your own body.



Learn how to let go of the thoughts and worries of everyday life, how to relax your mind and body and find your center. Together we will find the way that works best for you.

Mental Coaching

We strengthen and develop qualities such as attitude, balance, nerves of steel, motivation, willpower, inner calm, focus around goals, imagination and awareness.

We are movement

We are movement. Our bodies and minds can't help but move. It's not just about running or sport in general. It is also mental strength that makes us happy.

The power of our thoughts is much stronger than we can imagine. Important components in our lives such as self-efficacy, mindfulness and self-love are essential for our existence. Every breath brings new thoughts, breathing is therefore part of our life energy!

Let go and breathe in your new phase of life with me!

I will help you to develop and strengthen qualities such as attitude, balance, nerves of steel, motivation, willpower, inner calm, focus around goals, creativity, imagination and awareness!

I've also had several setbacks in my life, sometimes I didn't know how to go on, but I never gave up. Because giving up just isn't a solution. So my credo is that each of us can be happy.And yes, the way to get there can sometimes be challenging. But if you believe in yourself, you will reach your goal. So, first of all, let's learn to believe in ourselves again!

I'm happy to share my experiences with you, whether it's weight loss, achieving a specific goal in a competition, quitting smoking, or finding yourself again.

Trust me.

Many paths you're about to walk

I've gone too.

Make your first step now!

If you want to change your life - whether it is to loose weight, move more, increase your fitness level, train after targeted training plan, strengthen yourself mentally or build up strength, then why not to make this day your second birthday! Give yourself the chance to find your better self - because you know you deserve it! And don't say: I can't. I have no time. I have no motivation. Because you know: these are nothing more than excuses. Excuses that you don't deserve.

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