As much as I love to run, I also love to cook – I like to know what is on my plate and I find it relaxing to cook myself. I like to create and taste!


With years passing, I have realized that the food you eat impacts your training a lot.

Anyhow, this is not a Food Blog- I´m cooking too messy for that 🙂

But I would still like to share with you guys some of my pre-race or during training favorite cakes or meals!

All easy and fast to prepare!



The perfect energy balls on the way and in between

You will need:

10 Dates (big soft ones- I used the ones from Dattelnbär)

30 g Almond butter (or Cashew)

25 g freshly grinned Almonds

1 tbsp Cranberries

1 tbsp walnuts (crushed)

1 teaspoon coconut flakes

1 teaspoon hemp seeds

1 tbsp Chia seeds

Basically all you need to do is to smash the dates in a way that it will be like a pure „butter“ ( if  the dates are not soft, you need to keep them in water for a while)- I use mixer for that. Chop the cranberries in smaller pieces! Mix all together and form small balls! Put them in a box or a bag in fridge to cool down before enjoying!

You will love these goodies! My friends did! I suggest to make more than 10 Portions !

My tipp- let them „swim“ in melted dark chocolate to make them taste even more crazy good! If you chose to use Cashew Butter and want to „swim“ them in chocolate- try the white chocolate instead of dark one!

Check out my favorite pre-race Cake

You will need:

5 Eggs

300 g Carrots (grated)

250 g Almonds (grated. I suggest you to grate them fresh if possible)

80 – 100 g sugar (depends how sweet you like it)

1 Pack of Vanilla Sugar

50 g food starch

Pre-heat your oven to 160 C. Divide the eggs. Take the yolk and mix it foamy with half of the sugar, vanilla sugar. Add grated carrots, almonds and food starch- mix very well.  Make the magic and turn the egg white into egg snow- add a bit of salt and the other half of sugar.

Carefully lift the egg snow under your egg yolk-almond-carrot “dough”. Should be all well mixed and fluffy. Butter the baking pan or take baking paper and put in the baking pan. Now with lots of love put the dough in the pan and keep it in your oven about 60 Min.

Enjoy the cake – its perfect not only before the race, also during the race or just add it to your day whenever you wish – its healthy and gives lot of energy!

Another tip from me – add grated orange skin to the dough!

This banana cake won´t let you down!

When it goes about healthy fast pre-workout snack (or after), this one is just the best!

You will need:

2 ripe Bananas

150 g grated almonds (freshly done are the best)

200 g creamy cottage cheese

50 g fluid coconut oil

½ pack baking powder

1 table spoon honey

3 eggs

Fingertip of Salt


Pre-heat your oven to 170 C. Take a baking pot and put a baking paper inside.

Mix up the eggs with honey and salt – they should look creamy. Then add smashed bananas and all the rest of ingredients.  Mix it well.

Put the dough in baking box and let it bake about 30-35 min. Cool down.

Tip: If you want it nasty, give melted chocolate over it! You will hit the taste bud heaven with this!

Shake it baby!

Wake me up smoothie

My daily vitamin bomb – since I take this drink, getting cold is past!

 You will need:

1 Bio Banana

1 Bio Lemon

100 ml Rotbäckchen Juice (or water)




Put Banana, Lemon (with skin) and the juice or water in mixer, mix it smooth and enjoy! This drink not only wakes you up but also gives a great boost of Vitamin C! Banana calms down your tummy and doesn´t let lemon to make it too gassy

Pear & Ginger

 The perfect tasty boost for your metabolism!

You will need:

1 pear

200 g smooth cottage cheese

1 cm ginger

50 ml buttermilk

Some mint leaves


Insert all the ingredients in mixer and make it smooth! If you want it more thick- put less buttermilk or more cottage cheese! I love this one as my dessert or quick after workout meal!