03.07.2021 Bad Blumau 12 hour run


Plans had to be changed once again. My goal to give a 2nd chance to run 100km under 8 hours in Latvian Championships needed to be changed as the race organizers decided to move the race for one week later. The insecurity because of traveling (same old covid story) and race being too close to Spartathlon were good reasons enough to decide to run in Bad Blumau on July 3rd. So ,my training had to be adapted immediately. Everything felt a bit chaotic, but I had trust I can still reach my goal.

The days before race the feeling during my training was very good, I slept really well (after the 100km race in Langenzersdorf, I started to use hypnosis for deep sleeping-from Matthias Schwehm). I was excited to race in the night. Those are my favorite runs.

Picking up my start number, meeting so many happy people, feeling the fleur in the air- made me feel totally “dopped”. Priceless! The place to be!


Checking out the track, I was a bit surprised, as it was kind of “hilly”  and didn’t seem perfect for a fast running, but I didn’t let it to take my concentration off for what I was here for!


What a fantastic feeling in the race area! Yes, I did feel kind of jealous on 24 hour runners. It is hard to describe. I definitely know where I belong to and what kind of runner I’m.

I stayed a bit longer, taking the good vibes and energy from 24-hour runners and then I left to hotel to sleep and enjoy the sun. Felt a bit guilty about enjoying the sun as I knew those poor fellow guys are suffering running in such a hot condition.

Evening came soon, I was feeling very good. Being a bit nervous the last 2 hours before the gun shot, but still very concentrated. Prepared my Maurten drinks, gels, my Medivid cool bands- all ready to go!

Since I’m in my new running team ULT Heustadlwasser, I’m feeling more of the “family” and “community” vibe during the race and none race times. I’m really happy to be part of this team.

3..2..1…the race started. And it was fantastic! My legs and my mind were light as butterfly, the adrenalin hit high and I could believe how easy it feels to run this track that didn’t seem so easy during the day.

After couple of hours in race, I started to feel my stomach water is kind of coming up. I was feeling very good, had a couple of minutes backup, but the sore juice from my belly was bothering me more and more. Soon I felt my belly is getting big like a balloon. I knew I will have to take a toilet break but I was not really prepared for what was to come.

After my “success” at toilet ( it took few rounds until it was free),loosing 1,5 minutes, I was kind of relieved in my mind thinking it is now all good. I just had to keep the pace and enjoy. I knew I can’t have the luxury  to have another “break”. 2 or 3 rounds later I was surprised by a very unpleasant vomiting action – my stomach juice just broke out during the run! I couldn’t believe it’s happening. I was swearing  loud and letting it “all” out. And running again to try to catch up.

The next few kilometers the action of toilet and vomiting repeated again. My stomach was in pain and I didn’t enjoy any step anymore. I was feeling terrible and I felt no love to what I do. And running is what I love. Running should make me feel joy. And I’m not enjoying this ,I told myself and stopped my race at km 54. I sat down. I cried for 30 seconds. And I was happy it is over.

I’m having tears in my eyes now, as I’m writing this. Is it a disappointment? I don’t think so. I think it is true me. I wanted to run a race I don’t really belong to in my heart. I’m not a runner that runs on time. I m a runner, that has a passion to run far. And enjoy every step and emotion of it.

After giving my stomach a small break, I was happy I could be there in the race area and motivate other runners! I forgot immediately that I’m kind of DNF and dived in the world of 24 hour runners. I saw many ups and downs- I enjoyed the night feeling the pain of others (I hope you know what I mean) and was happy to be the part of the fight everyone was going through. The emotions that you feel during 24 hour run are not comparable to any other race. They are special. Those runners are special.  And for me it was a privilege to be there and share the fight with someone even more special.  

The day after I was asked if the disappointment is still there. Without a second of thinking I replied “no”. I was not disappointment at all. I felt terrible disappointment after 100km in Langenzersdorf. But this time- there was no reason to feel it. My legs were fantastic. My stomach refused.  And I made the very correct decision to stop (my stomach was a complete wrack the next 2 days). For that I received the best possible return to my runner’s soul- to motivate others to do what I love myself the most- run far!


Now it is time to get me back to mountains.  I can’t wish for anything better! Spartathlon is approaching and I’m looking forward to the next couple of training months.

See you guys soon out there again !!!