21.03.2020 – 6 hours around my apartment aka Lasseer Benifiz Lauf


Why on earth did I run 6 hours long around my apartment?!

The answer is very simple-

I love running,

it was a charity run

and I never expected to actually pull it through!

Already the year before I wanted to run Lasseer Benifiz 6-hour round run. At that time, I was not able to start because of an injury. So, this time I really wanted to “catch up”. I was still kind of recovering from the injury from October 2019, was not at the best shape but since for me the good placing is not the primary thing when taking part in official race, my wish was to get this one done!

Then the COVID surprised all of us and the race was canceled. Until one of the runners made an announcement to do it virtually. So, the idea was there- and yes- I didn´t even think a second long to know I will be a part of this adventure!

But how? As a single mother, I can´t just leave my daughter alone for 6 hours, not alone with this unknown Virus going around! The first idea to run on the roof top area was not so great, as I still had a lot of re-building going on there. So, then it hit me- I will run inside! The place is perfect for it! I can run in rounds! So I measured ..around 22 meters long..6 hours..ok, why not! But honestly- did I trust myself to actually run the whole 6 hours? Not really. I never thought I can do it or I will do it. But I knew nothing will happens if I just try. And this one is for charity. For kids who need help to get better. The race fee goes to them. And I decided to top it up with each km I run as well as each kilometer that the race organizer Rainer Predl (he run this one at his home around a KITCHEN TABLE) runs.

My first “race” after 24-hour World Championships in France, Albi. Running and sharing the running spirit with others.  What a feeling. Each round I did got better and better. I was wearing headphones and listening to the steps of Rainer Predl running (he was doing live stream on Facebook), hearing his music – I was living the run like never before! My running steps mixed with his and it felt like we run the same place. Happy feeling. My daughter kept wondering and asking me questions time to time and I kept smiling and trying to be patience answering her- as I really needed to watch out to not hit my arms or hips on the corners. I didn’t run fast (was never my goal), but it was fast enough to get hurt when not watching out. At some point, I got hungry and Julia offered to make pancakes for me! How awesome is that! I could not believe this sweet little thing! She did say she is hungryas well, but still she made my day even better! Running at home, having my own little Lab Station with selfmade Pancakes- ohh man, this is the way to race!

I must admit, that the time passed really fast and I couldn´t believe the 6 hours are gone already. Rainer kept running, so the emotions were still there for much longer, even though I stopped after exact 6 hours. I was happy. Tired. My right side foot and knee pained a bit- I never changed the direction during the run, so at some point the joints let you know they are there! But it all felt well!

I was excited to count my rounds- each round I dropped in a box one game stick from Julia- this was to make sure I keep correct track of rounds- at some point it is not possible to count anymore. I did wear my running watch but inside the apartment I didn´t want to trust it.

So, the result was as follows: 22 m loop – 1687 rounds make 37,11 km! YEEAHHHH! And according to my Strava, my watch measured a bit more than 47km! I stick with the result of my own counting.

Will I ever run around my place again? No way! Ohh well. Maybe. I hope I will not have to. Not because I didn’t enjoy it. I did. My neighbors did not. And who wants to get in fight with those ones living same building as you are?! I guess this was a 1-time thing. My roof top is now also looking much better and if needed I can drill the rounds up there!